Human male Fighter 3  hp 26 AC 3    Neutral

Ability Scores:
Str:16  Dex: 12 Con: 15
Int: 9  Wis: 10 Cha: 14

Weapon Prof.: longsword (specialized), mace, javelin, spear
Nonweapon Prof.: athletics (football), endurance, sail use.
Languages: Common

Weapon      Type    S.F.    #ATT    THAC0   Damage (SM/L)   Range
Longsword   S   5   3/2 15  d8/d12+5
Mace        B   7   1   18  d6+1/d6+1
Javelin     P   4   1   18  d6      2/4/6
Spear       P   6   1   18  d6/d8       1/2/3

Equipment: backpack, 10 torches, 8 javelins, spear, mace, whetstone,
wineskin, signet ring (High school ring)

Magic: longsword +2, chain armor +2, potion of speed.

Appearance: Matt is a solidly built human male.  He stands 6' 4" tall
and weighs over 240 lbs., almost entirely muscle.  Though his hair is
brown, he keeps it cut very short, to the point that it appears to be
blonde.  Matt has a square face and a has brown eyes.  Sometimes, he has
a goatee, while at others he shaves clean.

History: Matthew claims to hail from a world far different from any in
Known Space.  His tales place is birthplace at a strange place called
California, a world of technological wonder.  Matthew was a "football
player" in some kind of "High School" for athletes.  As Matt can put
together, he was whisked away from a life of drinking, women, and sports
to Cormyr, on Toril.  There, he was commanded by the Court Mage
Vangerdahast to rescue a princess from the hands of Zhentarim agents.
His adventures was long and heroic, but ultimately he found the princess
in the a prison under the Halls of Eveningstar.  Unfortunately, what
Vangerdahast failed to tell him was that the "princess" was the daughter
of an orc king from the Thunder Mountains!  Vangerdahast feared that if
something were happen to the orc princess, the orc king would attack
Cormyr in revenge.  To make a long story short, Matt returned the
princess, much to his disgust, to the orc king.  Unfortunately, the
princess took a liking to Matt and wished to marry him.  In very short
order, Matt was fleeing for his life.  He booked passage on a tradesman
docked at Suzil and fled into wildspace.  He now works as a sailor,
always relating stories about his glory days as a football player and
his days bar hopping.  He is deathly afraid of orcs, and fully believes
that the princess is hunting him down.