One of the more unique ships of space, the Flying Jungle is a creation of the Yuan-ti. It was once a barge of Ptah, but it has since been modified to suit the uses of its Yuan-ti crewmen. Though commanded by the evil Yuan-ti, it has not yet gained a sinister reputation. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that the Yuan-ti have been more interested in exploration rather than piracy.

The Jungle has been heavily modified by the Yuan-ti. The Pilgrim Deck has been covered with four inches of dirt which supports a small jungle of trees and tropical ferns. The trees are fairly short (only 15' tall), but the foliage is very thick. The cargo hatches have been removed and replaced by small oval ponds four feet deep. Small goldfish swim in these ponds. This jungle supports several dozen small birds and several small monkeys. The Fore Deck weaponry has been modified as well. The two catapults have been removed to make room for small huts, which serve as armories for the 2 medium ballista. Vines cover this whole area, but are kept away from the ballista.

The aft part of the ship has likewise been modified. The 2 ballista on the Weapons Deck have been removed, while the other 2 (the ones firing over the Pilgrim Deck) are under the shelter of a lean-to. The aft-firing catapults remain unchanged. Vines cover this part of the ship as well, making movement difficult at best. The aft building is built of strong wood and covered with thin stone plates. The building looks very heavy but is in fact very light, as the stones are a type gray volcanic rock. The stone plates are carved with relief works depicting snakes and serpents. Numerous stone snake statues are placed around the building, much like gargoyles on a gothic cathedral. The top dome is made of a type of black glass, which seems to absorb light rather than reflect it.

Inside, the rooms have been adapted for use by snake creatures. While the upper rooms on the aft building are still usable by humans, the lower decks have been heavily reinforced & converted. The extra reinforcements were added to support the weight of the jungle above, and in doing so, creates a maze of pillars. Moss and vines grow down into the cargo deck, and the whole place drips with water from above. This dimly like maze is the haunt of the Sskhan, the Yuan-ti abomination that commands the ship. He remains below decks with his make, a water naga, when the ship is docked.

The aft building is used by the pureblood Yuan-ti, most of whom can pass as human. They are the only ones allowed on deck when the ship is in port, and they handle all the details of securing food, paying fees, and giving the appearance that the Jungle is a human-owned ship.

The Jungle has the following statistics:

Built By: Human worshippers of Ptah
Used By: Yuan-ti
Tonnage: 60 tons
Hull Points: 60
Maneuver Class: F
Landing-land: no
Landing-water: yes
Armor Rating: 7 (Hull Thickened)
Saves As: Thick Wood
Power Type: Major helm
Ship's Rating:
4 medium ballista (2 FP, 2 FS)
2 medium catapults (2 A)
Piercing Ram (F)
Cargo Capacity: 15 tons
Keel Length: 145'
Beam Width: 60'


Captain Sskhan
Abomination Yuan-ti: AC 0; MV 9; HD 9; hp 52; #ATT 2; THAC0 11; Dmg: 1-10 (bite), 1-8+2 (scimitar); SA: poison type A; SD camouflage; MR 20%; AL N (E); Int Genius; Size L (15' long).

Sskhan appears as a huge snake with human arms. He owns a nasty magical scimitar +2 that can allow Sskhan the ability of camouflage. He uses this ability to blend in with the dripping growth aboard his ship. He is a tactical genius, and will use his ship to the best of his abilities during battle.

Sskhan is a snake that has turned away from the doings of his people. After several decades of futile attacks upon the vastly superior numbers of humans on Toril, Sskhan had a crisis of faith. How could his people defeat a race as numerous and as powerful as humanity? He realized that the fight was futile and sought to escape it. The opportunity presented itself eight years ago when a band of adventurers attacked the temple he was assigned to. Though they were slaughtered, they managed to slay most Yuan-ti opposed to Sskhan's ideas. The rest were quickly dispatched, leaving Sskhan with a vast fortune. Having heard about a race of blue skinned giants that traded in means of leaving worlds, Sskhan contacted them and bought an old barge of Ptah and a major helm. A year later, his ship was rebuilt to his standards and this band of Yuan-ti left Toril behind, forever. They journeyed space since then, stopping every so often to buy supplies, learn important details of the sphere, and generally keep out of trouble.

Sskhan could not be happier than he is today. He enjoys the thrill of exploration and will even come to the rescue of a ship in danger. Of course, any ship that he helps owes him a favor, which he may or may not collect in the near future. He has saved at least two ships from pirates, and their owners are now indebted to him.

First Mate Jade
Water Naga: AC 5; MV 9, Sw 18; HD 7, hp 23; THAC0 13; #ATT 1; Dmg 1-4; SA poison, spell use; SD nil; MR nil; Size L (10' long) Spells (as 5th level water elementalist 5/3/2): Metamorphose Liquids, Hold Portal, Detect Magic, Magic Missile x2; Wizard Lock, Insatiable Thirst, Melf's Acid Arrow; Watery Double, Dispel Magic.

Jade is an extremely beautiful snake. Her scales glisten bright emerald green crisscrossed with a dull tan diamond pattern. Jade's human head has features not unlike that of a woman from Kara-Tur. Her eyes are a striking color of jade green.

Jade has been Sskhan's lover for over fifteen years. She was once a slave in the pits of the Yuan-ti temple, but was freed by Sskhan. She has served him faithfully since that time.

In battle, Jade will remain close to the bridge with Sskhan. She will use her limited spell abilities to hamper boarding attempts and to break up larger groups of invaders.

Chief Spelljammer Y'cath
Halfbreed Yuan-ti: AC 0; MV 12; HD 7, hp 35; THAC0 ; #ATT 6; Dmg 1-6 x6; SA spell use; SD nil; MR 20%; Size M (7' tall) Spell Abilities (as 7th level mage): cause fear, darkness (15' radius), snake charm, stick to snakes, neutralize poison, suggestion, and polymorph other.
Spells (as 7th level mage): Detect Magic, Identify, Magic Missile x2; Wizard Lock, Spectral Hand, Ghoul Touch; Dispel Magic, Slow; Vitriolic Sphere.

Always a dangerous individual in the temple, Y'cath has become the terror of wildspace. This creature has the torso of a snake (which is elongated), and has six snakes growing out of that torso. Each of these snakes allows him to make an attack or serve as hands when spell casting. Because of his difficulty in handling spell components, it takes him twice as long as normal to cast spells.

Y'cath is a loyal follower of Sskhan, and considers his move into wildspace brilliant. In his view, however, they should be seeking out an uninhabited world to colonize. From there, the Yuan-ti would have a much better chance of waging war against humankind. He has proposed this to Sskhan, whom has taken in into consideration.

"Captain" Sor'rac
Yuan-ti Pureblood: AC 4; MV 12; HD 6; hp 25; THAC0 15; #ATT 1; Dmg 1-8; SA spell use; SD nil; MR 20%; Sz M (5'4"). Spell Abilities (as 6th level mage): cause fear, darkness (15' radius), snake charm, stick to snakes, neutralize poison, suggestion, and polymorph other.

Sor'rac appears nearly human. However, she has a cobra-like hood, which she keeps closed. The only time she opens her hood is when she is excited. Otherwise, she can easily pass for human (her long brown hair covers her hood nicely).

To the outside world, Sor'rac is the captain of the Jungle. She takes the role very seriously, as any slipup could expose what the ship really is. It is her duty to deal with humans (a job she can barely tolerate) and keep them from finding out the truth. She is very good at deception, and few even suspect the true nature of the Jungle. During battle, she will command from the rear set of ballista, shouting orders to the weapon crews.

Marine Commander Raptor
Yuan-ti Halfbreed: AC 0; MV 12, Fl 24 (B); HD 7; hp 39; THAC0 13; #ATT 2; Dmg 1-10, 1-6; SA poison; SD nil; MR 20%; Sz M (6' tall).

Raptor is a yuan-ti experiment that was only half successful. The intent was to merge a halfbreed with a bird. Over two dozen other subjects of the experiment had died, but Raptor managed to survive the merging process. As a result, he appears as a snake with human arms and a pair of bright, feathery wings sprouting from his back. His snake tail is long, reaching 10' in length. Raptor fights using his deadly bite attack and wields a short sword. His poisonous bite is type B. When an enemy ship has been rammed, Raptor will lead the charge by flying out of the cover of the jungle and take the enemy by surprise. The weapon crews of the forward ballista quickly follow his charge with swords swinging.

Marine Sidewinder
Yuan-ti Halfbreed: AC 0; MV 9; HD 7; hp 31; THAC0 13; #ATT 1; Dmg 2-8; SA spell use; SD nil; MR 20%; Sz L (15' long). Spell Abilities (as 6th level mage): cause fear, darkness (15' radius), snake charm, stick to snakes, neutralize poison, suggestion, and polymorph other.

Second in command of the marines, Sidewinder commands the forward ballista crew. He is an expert weapon loader himself, and will help load a weapon if the situation requires it. Sidewinder has the lower body and torso of a rattle snake, complete with a huge rattle. He wields a great bastard sword in combat, which has great skill with. He is a deadly opponent, and is quite cunning.

Crew: 5 half breeds, 10 pure bloods, 25 human slaves.

Tactics: The Jungle will attempt to ram an enemy ship as soon as possible, unless it happens to be bigger than the Jungle, such as a deathspider. Once an enemy ship has been successfully rammed, Raptor will lead a charge of 3 half breeds, 5 pure bloods, and 15 human slaves to board the ship. Everyone that resists dies. Prisoners will be taken if they don't resist. Slaves are treated well (far better treatment than say the neogi, chainmen, or illithids), but are brainwashed by Yuan-ti propaganda. They will fight loyally for their masters and are not prone to change sides in a fight. Many are ex-pirates to begin with, and most have a price on their heads anyway. A number of sticks are kept near the weapon pits; those Yuan-ti with the ability to cast spells turn these sticks into snakes. The snakes are either kept aboard as a nasty surprise to would-be boarders, or flung on enemy ships to cause havoc. If a fight goes against the Jungle, the Yuan-ti will not hesitate to flood the enemy ship with poisonous snakes before departing. The enemy ship would be nearly incapacitated by the large number of snakes to get under control.