General Information

How to Handle PC Salvaging
Ideas on how to deal with PCs who make a living selling captured helms and ships.
Space Port Rating System, and Space Port Rating System, Revised

Campaign Flavor

Useful information to help bring your game to life.

Comparison of Spelljammer Calendars
Oriental Adventures and Spelljammer Guide
Spelljammer Coinage Postfest
Coinage from the farthest reaches of Wildspace.
Works of Art
Treasures to find in your Spelljammer campagin.

The Nature of the Universe

The Currents of the Phlogiston
Elemental Pocket Theory for Worlds
Gravity, Large And Small
Gravity Plane Modification
Phlogiston Navigation
Worms and Wormholes

History and Current Events

The Indicent of Farbay
Gith Pirates - The First Captain
Battle for the Lytherian Asteroid

Variant Cosmologies and Settings

Interesting ideas that can be used at the DM's discretion.

Crosswinds Keep and Environs^ and Return to Crosswinds Keep^
Truly Fantastic Space Travel for Fantasy Gaming^
Knightfall's Spelljammer Cosmonomicon
The Spelljammer: A Transitive Plane
Who needs The Planes when The Spelljammer carries its own?
Spelljammer, Version 2.0
A complete reworking of Spelljammer cosmology.