In the early days of the year 2000, Wizards of the Coast handed over production of new material to the official websites. Beyond the Moons was the Spelljammer site chosen by the members of the Spelljammer Mailing List and Jim Butler, who was the net representitive for WotC at the time. We continue to support the setting through various editions of Dungeons & Dragons. Though we provide new material and conversions for 3rd Edition, we are not a d20 site.

Beyond the Moons has been around, in one form or another, since the mid-1990s. The site grew through submissions from the fan community, which we continue to encourage. New material is what makes this site great.

Seeker High Council

The Seeker High Council was created to oversee the addition of new material to the official Spelljammer website. The Council is set up, first and foremost, to provide consistency and quality for new material added to the Spelljammer setting.

You can get in touch with the Council members.

Comments? Complaints?

The Seeker High Council is always making efforts to present material of the highest quality to you. To make sure we are doing our job, we need to know your thoughts. Is there something you want us to do? Did we do something wrong? Did we do something right? Let us know. We welcome your comments.

History of Beyond the Moons

by Static

Beyond the Moons started out as a mirror of the first—and only, at the time—Spelljammer site, run by Richard J. Pugh, in late 1994, though it didn't live on a permanent server until early 1995. The two sites slowely diverged in content as Richard and I both added new material we thought was good.

Richard closed his site, Port of Anacostia, in 1998.

Many years and server changes later, Jim Butler, then of WotC, proposed the creation of an official Spelljammer site. In January of 2000, the members of the Spelljammer Mailing List unanimously selected Beyond the Moons to fill that role. A new site, Compendium: The Seekers' Archive, was created to present new, official material.

The two sites, Compendium and Beyond the Moons, proved difficult to manage. In fact, during Compendium's existance, Beyond the Moons was updated only a handful of times. I combined the pair back under the the old name in February of 2002, and Beyond the Moons took over as the official site.

Check out the History of the Beyond the Moons Logo for a look at the evolution of the artwork.