Beyond the Moons is a fan driven site, and needs your help to get better!

Submission Process

The process for submitting material to Beyond the Moons is quite simple. There are several ways, in fact. They are...

  1. Post your idea to the Spelljammer Mailing List. This allows the other list members to comment on your post and help find typos and other mistakes. We try to mine the list for new and interesting data files. Some threads slip by occasionally, so be sure to mention that you're submitting material. (And, if we don't contact you or post it on the site, kick us.)

  2. You can submit directly to the Council. Please contact us before sending any attachments.

If you've got a lot of material, we can make room for your "site" in the Lost Spheres section. Let the Council know if you're interested, and together we can figure out the best way of handling things.

Already have your own website? Let us know, and we'll add the URL to the other sites found at "Into the Flow (Related Links)".

Hints for Successful Submission

Here are some simple guidelines which will make it easier for us to handle submissions, and anything that makes our lives easier can only help you...