Beholders have a pathalogical hatred for other beholders that are not of their same genetic make up. They will wage war on other "devient" beholders before dealing with other threats. This has been a boon to the other spacefaring races, but no one fully understands why this hatred runs so deep. Below are random tables to generate beholder veriations. There is a 5% (1 on 1d20) chance that a beholder is spawned with a eye-stalk mutation. The parent is observent to such anaomalies and is quick to elimiate the "tainted" off-spring within the first few days of their existance. Those who escape and survive however become the progenitors of new beholder nations.

Table A: Number of Mutations, 1d10
1-4  Replace one eye function
5-7  Replace two eye functions
8-9  Replace three eye functions
10   Replace four eye functions
Table B: Eye Function Replaced, 1d10
1  Charm Person          6  Disintegrate
2  Charm Monster         7  Fear
3  Sleep                 8  Slow
4  Telekinesis           9  Cause Serious Wounds
5  Flesh to Stone *      10 Death Ray
Table C: Observed Replacement Eye Function, 1d12
(Other functions are possible)
1   Duplicate Eye Function, Roll again on Table B **
2   No Spell-like Function at all
3   Domination
4   Blindness (Very dangerous to other beholders)
5   Confusion
6   Fabricate (More useful than it first appears)
7   Stone Shape (Works well in conjunction with Flesh to Stone)
8   Spectral Force
9   Cure Serious Wounds
10  Emotion (roll a 1d8 to determine which emotion; once
    rolled it cannot be changed)
11  Enervation (one level per activation)
12  Gaze Reflection. (Also very dangerous to other beholders)
* The Flesh to Stone power is reversable (Stone to Flesh) as per the I, Tyrant Monstrous Arcana book.
** If the replacement function is the same as the function replaced, it will have some variable effect as determined by the DM. Flesh to Wood instead of Flesh to Stone, Cause Critical Wounds instead of Cause Serious Wounds, Sleep has no level limit other than the 2d4 rolled, etc.