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Rules for D&D 3e

Spelljammer Combat in 3e D&D
A way to use your existing Spelljammer material with D&D 3e rules.
[BETA] 3e Ship Construction and Combat Rules
The beta version of a new system written from scratch.

Rules for AD&D 2e

Spelljammer 2e Fast Play Rules
A boiled down set of rules for Spelljammer. They are made available so that new gamers—those who may not have access to the original boxed set and various supplements—can participate.
Tactical Movement Variant
Ship Rating Calculation Variant
Spelljammer/Battlesystem Rules
Using Battlesystem rules in Spelljammer.

Tools and Helpers

Spelljammer Crew Costs^
A little on-line script that helps generate spelljammer crews.
Name Generators^
All sorts of name generators. Very useful for when the characters go exploring where they shouldn't.