Ship Hulls

To-Scale Deckplans
A collection of the ship deckplans presented in Spelljammer products. They have been adjusted to the same scale.
Ships And Their Source Products
A list of all Spelljammer ships and the products in which they appear.
Blank Ship Deckplans
Make your own ship deckplans with these blank templates.
Additional Cardboard Cutouts

Updates and Modifications

This section contains fan created material in support of the ships from various Spelljammer products. The footnotes show the original source: (LotV) Adventures in Space: Lorebook of the Void; (WCC) War Captain's Companion: Ship Recognition Manual; (SJR1) Lost Ships; (SJR2) Realmspace; (SJS1) Goblin's Return; (MC9) Monstrous Compendium: Spelljammer Appendix #2.

Dwarven Citadels and Forges(LotV)

Ship Helms

An Alternate Approach to Helms
Ecology of the Spelljamming Helm
ManaSails and GravWood
Runestones: Alternative To Helms

Ship Equipment

Ship Weapons

Additional Material

Moongoose Seas of Blood Series Deckplans
A collection of free deckplans for non-SJ ships. Deckplans are for the Seas of Blood, Ships of the Goblinoids, Ships of the Elves and Ships of War books.
Seas of Blood Deckplans 1, Deckplans 2, Deckplans 3, Deckplans 4; Ships of the Elves Deckplans; Ships of the Goblinoids Deckplans; Ships of War Deckplans;
Spelljammer Deckplans from Bastion Press
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