Welcome to the official Spelljammer for D&D 3e pages! This labor of love is being done by the members of the Spelljammer Mailing List and the Seeker High Council.

For more information on D&D 3e/d20, check out WotC's System Reference Document (also available as HTML at d20 SRD or as formatted PDFs from The Other Game Company or The Impossible Dream).

Presented below is a reorganized view of the Spelljammer 3e material found elsewhere on Beyond the Moons. It is arranged by the ebook in which it will eventually appear. Everything is still a work in progress—any material can be updated at any time and with no warning. There are many topics that still need content, and submissions are welcome.

There also other efforts to adapt Spelljammer to D&D 3e:

Player's Guide to Spelljammer


Chapter 1: The Spelljammer Universe

Spheres, Wildspace and the Phlogiston

Sidebar - Vision and Light in the Void
Sidebar - Dark Side of the Moon: Why a Single Cosmology?

Air and Gravity

Sidebar - Longer-Lasting Air

Chapter 2: Races

New Races

Sidebar - Optional Races in Spelljammer

Chapter 3: Classes

Core Classes

Prestige Classes

Ship-related prestige classes will be found in Ships in Wildspace; those for monsters will be listed in Monsters of Wildspace.

Chapter 4: Skills and Feats

Chapter 5: Equipment

Goods and Services

Magic Items

Chapter 6: Religion

Chapter 7: Combat

Chapter 8: Magic in Wildspace

Arcane Magic

Divine Magic


Appendix C: Spelljammer Lexicon

Appendix D: Spelljammer Slang

Ships in Wildspace

Some links to other sj3e ship systems:


Chapter 1: Wildspace Characters

Prestige Classes

Skills and Feats

Chapter 2: Shipboard Crew

Chapter 3: Travel in Wildspace

Chapter 4: Combat Among the Stars

Chapter 5: Ship Equipment and Magic

Chapter 6: Ships of Wildspace

Monsters of Wildspace


Chapter 2: Hazards

Hazards are encounters for which balanced combat statistics would be nearly useless. Some are too weak to resist any of the character's actions, while others are so strong that they are effectively unkillable in combat. They should be used by the GM as plot devices (like traps or obstacles) or as campaign arcs (like wars or natural disasters).

Chapter 5: Glossary

Monsters Ranked by Challenge Rating

(LV) Lorebook of the Void (Adventures in Space Boxed Set)
(MC7) Monstrous Compendium: SJ Appendix
(MC9) Monstrous Compendium: SJ Appendix #2
(SJA3) SJR3 Crystal Spheres
(SJR1) SJR1 Lost Ships