This section contains original works of fiction set in various facets of the Spelljammer universe, as created by members of the Net community.

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Stories, Big and Small

The Bri'kerzz Sweep
by Jim Kersh
While on an unusual mission during the Second Unhuman War—to discover who has been destroying both Elven Imperial Navy and scro vessels in a remote location of the phlogiston—the crew of the starship Elnamerrna unleashes a series of events that haunts them after the war is over.
Chronicles of the Eternal Wanderer
by Eric F. Schetley, Richard J. Pugh and Pascal Gaudette
These stories chronicle the adventures of friends and crew of the the Eternal Wanderer.
Death On Dark Wings
by Tilaurin
Takes place during the Second Unhuman War.
Dukagsh Tells It Like It Is
by Benjamin Buhanan
The beginnings of the Scro through the eyes of Dukagsh.
by Paul Westermeyer
The taking of Spiral at the start of the Second Unhuman War.
Gultegra's Glory
by Dale Marsceill
Though this tale isn't written for Spelljammer, it does have elements—including space elves, war, and flying ships—which make it a worthwhile read.
[ Part I | Part II | Part III ]
Lionheart: The Unseen Saboteur
by Sebastian Cain
Adventure and intrigue in the heart of the elven fleet.
[ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 ]
Rhyme of the Ancient Spelljammer
by Richard J. Pugh
Does this really need an introduction?
Tale of the Wayfarer
by Sebastian Cain
The chronicles of Wayfarer, and his search for the Raver.
Wreck of the Liberator
by Abbadon
The final momments of a dragonship...

Campaign Journals

Jammers Campaign Turn Summaries
Adventures of the Company of the Silent Star.
Destiny's Blade Campaign
Adventures in the Astromundi Cluster.
Second Wind
The Journal of Etsuriko Chiason Toraneko

Web Comics

Adventures in Wildspace
A Spelljammer e-comic, read the tales of the privateer ship, the Mindful Cutlass! All aboard for magic, mayhem and adventure!

Poems and Rhymes

Song of the Thri-Kreen
by Kris Murray
Inspired by a writeup of the Thri-Kreen.
Quoth the Wizshade, "Evermore"
by Tilaurin
A Spelljammer adaptation of the classic poem.


51 Uses for a Dead Neogi
Beer Can of Spelljamming Speed
Spelljammer Fanatic
Spelljamming PanGalactic GargleBlaster (Liquor)
Wildspace Story

Additional Stories

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