A Division of Deepdelve Mining Enterprises

Symbol: Dwarf carrying a black forge on a gold background

This dwarf-run mining company is located among the asteroids of Gods' Marbles, and has become quite rich mining the mineral deposits there. The Deepdelve clan is headed by Worden Deepdelve, a short, black-bearded dwarf who has a strong mind for business dealings. Worden runs the company from Blackdelve, a massive dwarven citadel that is located at the heart of Gods' Marbles.

The asteroid field is rich in metals such as mithral, adamant, silver and electrum(the last three which can be smelted to produce adamantine), and Deepdelve Mining Enterprises has become wealthy mining the metals and forging them into weapons and armor. They have an exclusive deal with the Smith's Coster, which has a base of operations on Bral.

Deepdelve has some 300 dwarven miners, as well as two dozen gravs for special excavations. In addition, there are some 45 heavily armed dwarven warriors and priests that provide for the defense of the miners and citadel. The Smith's Coster has even paid for the services of two dozen giff, armed with a wide assortment of weapons, including starwheel pistols and barrels of smokepowder.

The company's fleet is small, but each ship is in top condition and in some cases have had their weaponry upgraded. To date, they have 3 hammerships, 1 tradesman, and 2 cargo barges. The ships are crewed by mixed crews of human and dwarven sailors, and are helmed by dwarven priests of Moradin, of which Deepdelve Enterprises considers its godly patron.

Since the end of the 2nd Unhuman War, Worden has been increasingly angered by Prince Andru's peace treaty with Admiral Dushgoi of the scro. When he finds himself on Bral, he is always seen roaring at the Prince for what the dwarf calls, "Kissin' with a bed full 'o scro harlots!" Worden's own son was a warrior living on Spiral, and is presumed to have died in the fighting that took place there.

Worden has recently decided to lend any aid should the elven fleet try to liberate Spiral. To that end he has promised to arm any elven invasion force, and to provide weaponry for the remaining elven, dwarven and human natives of Spiral.

The population of rock hoppers that shares Gods' Marbles with the dwarves lives in the played-out mines left behind in the asteroid field. The company pays them to hunt the scavvers which pose a constant threat to dwarven miners.


Worden Deepdelve (CG dm F13)
Worden is the head of Deepdelve Mining Enterprises and is considered by many to be a supremely rich dwarf. The noble houses of Bral have tried to persuade Worden to fund various dealings and such but to date the dwarf has resisted. He has become increasingly sullen, and worries about the fate of his son on Spiral. He is fiercely proud of what Deepdelve Mining Enterprises has become, and intends to see his company prosper in the future.

Corrith Redsword (CN giffm F6)
Arms Commander of All Military Forces of Blackdelve
Corrith is a giff, and like many giff has a great love for war. The giff is in command of the company's defense forces, as well as the ships. Corrith takes great pride in the readiness of his troops, and can usually be found out among the asteroids in a hammership, looking for the next danger. Before he came to the company, he served as a marine on an elven warship. When the War was over and the ship put into Bral, he was recruited by Worden to replace the previous security commander who had died in a pirate attack.

Haelorath Enders (LG hm W4)
Haelorath is the lone human to serve within the upper management position in the company. He is the company's accountant, and goes over the volumes of account books with a shrewd eye. Haelorath often is present when the company is approached in a new business deal or real estate sale. He is quite adept at getting the most out a deal for the company.