The dwarves of Bralspace follow the patterns typical of their race in Spelljammer. The clans inhabit large citadels powered by dwarven magic, while dwarven mercenaries, adventurers, and merchants intermingle with the other races in spelljamming ports. These more cosmopolitan dwarves often act as intermediaries between other races and the more reclusive dwarven clans.


Fifteen hundred years ago the dwarves of Bralspace lived within a large, thriving dwarven nation, Marazinbar. The dwarves wandered through the sphere on their citadels, searching out and mining asteroids rich in gold, silver, and iron. This was the golden age of dwarves within the sphere, their smithcraft and stonework was virtually unsurpassed and their loremasters knew much that was hidden from the other races.

While the clans of Marazinbar travelled about in their citadel ships, the heart of the kingdom was the great asteroid known as Marazinral. The capital of Marazinbar, this asteroid as far too large to be used as a citadel, yet it was carefully and lovingly carved by the dwarves. Inside, it held a deposit of mithril and the smiths of Marazinbar fashioned wonderful weapons and tools of that metal.

The Doom of Marazinbar followed a feud within the royal house. Bror, son of the king, slew his older brother Brorin after an arguement over Baznorak ('Fire of Mithril'), an axe which Brorin had crafted and Bror lusted after. The King in the Mountain ordered that Bror, all his followers and his immediate descendants be banished forever driven from the Realm.

Not long after Bror and his followers had left into exile, however, the Illithids arrived in Bralspace. They craved the services of dwarven smiths as slaves, as well as the riches of the dwarven citadelships. Within a hundred years the illithids had slain Brorak, the King's youngest son and heir. The resulting War of the Axe and Mind lasted for a century, and destroyed both the dwarven kingdom and the Illithid colonies.

There were seven great clans in Marazinbar (four clans of Mountain dwarves, and three of Hill dwarves), but only the names of two survive; the Delvar and the Olgur. The Delvar migrated to Spiral in the wake of the kinslaying, and this avoided the slow decay that ate away the rest of the kingdom. Olgur ('Large Boars') were renowned for their battleragers, today they are a scattered clan, few in number.

Deepdelve Clan Holdings

This clan of hill dwarves is native to the sphere and descended from clans of lost Marazinbar who formed together into a new clan after the War of the Axe and Mind. The clan did poorly for many years, forced to eke out an existance as coal miners and blacksmiths until the coming of Worden Deepdelve, the current Clan Chief. Worden established the Deepdelve clan as a mining concern, and brokered deals with the Smiths' Coster and the Delvar Clan of Spiral.

Today, this dwarf-run mining company is located among the asteroids of the Gods' Marbles field, and has become quite rich mining the mineral deposits there. The clan has become very rich and owns several vessels, but they have not yet claimed a citadel.

Clan Chief Worden is very upset over the Scro invasion of Spiral, which occurred while his son was visiting the Delvar Clan. Since the invasion he has spent little time on buisiness, and much time plotting his revenge on the Scro.

Diamondhammer's Stake

This Dwarven nation is set in an asteroid field named after itself which trails Bral by five million miles. The stake was founded over a century ago by King Brin Diamondhammer, who brought four clans of dwarves from Greyspace following the First Unhuman War. The clan wandered for a few years before discovering the rich veins of ore in this asteroid field. After a brief conflict with the pirates who then controled Bral, the Stake settled into a wary co-existance which has enriched both the Rock and the dwarves.

The Stake is a nation divided into four major clans, the Diamondhammers, Granitemasons, Blackstones, Bronsteels. They are divided between three Citadels and control several smaller ships. Many of the everyday metal tools sold on Bral come from this nation.

The current King Within the Mountain, Devin Diamondhammer, is a careful, canny diplomat. He is watching the conflict over Spiral carefully, and is afraid his clan will be drawn in as a matter of pride, if the Deepdelve Clan intervenes openly. Because Diamondhammer's Stake is composed of dwarves recently arrived from Greyspace, their relations with the native dwarves of the sphere are sometimes strained.

Delvar clan

In 4011 OC the Hill Dwarves of the Delvar clan settle on Spiral, offering their alliegence to House Spiral in return. The Delvar clan established mines and a stronghold in the mountains near the elven city of Naugost ("Dwarven Fortress").

This small city, nestled between the ocean and the mountains on the southern continent, was the port where the dwarves of Spiral brought their wares for trade. A large enclave of dwarven merchants and laborers [pop. 350] lived in harmony with their elven neighbors. Because the forests to the south east held the largest populations of goblins on Spiral, the city was fortified, with a strong wall built by the Delvar clan. Within, the city was a unique blend of elven and dwarven architectural styles which melded the indomitable foundations dwarven with elven balance and beauty.

In the wake of the scro invasion very few elves remain alive within the city, and the dwarves have been enslaved. Orcs of the Slayer tribe now control the city.

The mountains to the south-west of the city (called Ered Telpe, "Silver Mountains", by the elves, or Olmorndin, "Magic Peaks" by the dwarves) are rich in silver, mithril, and some iron. Barak Ultok [pop. 1,000], the clan's stronghold, is deep in these mountains. For six years now goblins of the Speared Eye and Slashing Claw tribes as well as orcs of the Black Blood tribe have beseiged this underground fortress with no result. Scro patrol vessels ensure no spelljammers contact the dwarves, and the Delvar clan lacks the warriors to break the seige. Many wonder how much longer their supplies can hold out.


This large asteroid (two miles across) sits in an out of the way spot one day outside the orbit of Shipwrecker. The asteroid is difficult to find, because it is one of many in a small, unnamed field, and it is outside the normal space routes. Very few Bralian navigators know of its existance (or care, for that matter. The asteroid has very few resources).

The asteroid is rocky, but there is a small stream and pool. Grasses and bushes dot both sides of the asteroid. A small herd of goats are the only obvious inhabitents.

Carved into the asteroid, however, and designed to be hidden from casual observation is Nulukibhulis, a largely deserted dwarf-hold. The clan which lives here is small, and wary. They avoid contact with all but a few trusted traders, and even those merchants have no idea of their clan name or background.

The Mindstalkers

One outcome of the War of the Axe and Mind was the creation of the Caradhaker ('mindstalker') sect, a select group of dwarven warriors and priests (and even a few "thieves") who were trained specifically to hunt and slay illithids. The Sect's warriors possessed strange magical abilities, and travelled about the sphere in search of their targets. The Caradhaker still exist, and their travels have taken them far beyond Bralspace. They are readily identified by their top-knot hair style. They usually travel alone or in small groups, and hunt illithids where ever they find them.

It's rumoured that the Caradhaker headquarters is still a large citadel somewhere within Bralspace, but no caradhaker has ever confirmed this. They are often seen on Bral, however.

Dwarven Bralspace Timeline

(Using the OC Calender)

c3500 Dwarven Realm of Marazinbar.
c4000 Kinslaying, Doom of Marazinbar.
4011 The Delvar Clan migrates to Spiral.
4112 Brorak, Crown Prince of Marazinbar, slain by Illithids, War of the Axe and Mind begins.
c4300 War of the Axe and Mind ends with both the Illithids and dwarves decimated.
c4249 The Illithids have an outpost on the asteroid which will become the Rock of Bral. This outpost is destroyed by dwarven refugees from Marazinbar.
c4649 A small dwarven clan inhabits the asteroid which will become the Rock of Bral. The clan's identity remains a mystery to this day.
4929 Brin Dimondhammer and his dwarven refugees arrive from Greyspace.
4935 Brin Diamondhammer established the nation of Diamondhammer's Stake an hour's journey from the Rock of Bral. The pirates of the Rock attack the Stake and are handily defeated. King Diamondhammer negotiates a trade treaty with the pirates, establishing the Stake's relationship with the Rock.
5043 The Scro invade Spiral and beseige the Delvar clan within their clanhold.
5049 The current year for the Jammers PBEM