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Placing Bral in Your Campaign

The Rock of Bral was envisioned as a crossroads of Wildspace. It was designed to be placed anywhere that made sense in the campaign, and, as such, it didn't have a permanent home sphere. Here are some recommendations on where to place the asteroid city.

The Grinder in Greyspace
The moons of Zivilyn in Krynnspace
The Tears of Selune in Realmspace
Roger E. Moore mentioned that this should be the default place for the Rock of Bral.
The rings of Glyth in Realmspace
Bralspace / Spiralspace
A sphere based on Spiralspace from the Cloakmaster Cycle novels.
The wandering Rock
The Rock of Bral doesn't have to be stationary. People have suggested that it can teleport or drift between different spheres at regular or irregular intervals.