The mage guild is relatively large, as virtually every wizard who comes to Bral joins it eventually. The Guild exists to benefit its members by certifying magical ability, providing access to magical materials and knowledge, and providing a place to socialize with other members of the mystical professions. The Guild remains strictly neutral in Bral politics, but does not require that individual members do so. Anyone who practices wizardly magic may join the guild, there is no distinction made between the various schools of magic. Even the occasional bard has joined.

Ranks and Dues

Magister (levels 1-6) Dues: 10 gp per month
Wizard (levels 7-13) Dues: 20 gp per month
Mage (levels 14+) Dues: 50 gp per month
An examination costs 50 gp

At each level the member receives a small badge magically inscribed with the Orb and staff symbol of the guild, the member's name or sigil, and the certified rank. Those who hire wizards are familiar with these marks, and prefer to hire certified mages, when they can.

Organization & Leadership

The Guild is run by a Guild Council, which sets dues, runs the certification examinations, and administers the Guild Tower. There are seven members of the council, on the first of each year the members vote on the positions (they are called 'Masters'). To be eligible, one must be a member of Wizard or Mage rank with dues paid up. Masters do not have to pay guild dues, so many seek the positions. Those interested place their names on the list, the Guild membership votes, and the the seven with the most votes are inducted into the Council. The council then divides their duties among themselves, one member is Head Examiner, one is the Guild's representative to the Council of Captains, another is the Master of the Guild Hall, and one is the Editor of the Crystal Ball. The other three council members act as a tribunal should anyone be accused of violating the Guild laws.

It should be noted that the Guild Laws are very lax; essentially, one cannot commit fraud against other members, or attack one another within the Guild Hall.


The Guild offers a variety of services to its members, financed by club dues, sales from the Crystal Ball, and examination fees.

A tavern for members only is on the main floor of the Guild tower. Prices are quite fair, and the atmosphere is excellent. Only members and their guests are permitted, but bringing a priest is considered something of a faux pas by the older, more conservative members, and those who resent the competition with priests for helmsmen positions.

A message board where mages may advertise to sell, buy, or trade their spells, items, or information is maintain in the hall outside the tavern. Aside from the rule against cheating a fellow member, these transactions are unregulated.

A Hiring Board, where mages may advertise their services for merchants and others to hire them as 'guild sanctioned' mages. This board is in an office in the long semi-circular set of stables and servents quarters which half-surrounds the Guild Tower. This office is always staffed, and is the place where non-Guild members are sent if they have buisness with the guild. Those mages willing to take on apprintices also advertise here.

A Guild Library which members may use for research. The books within are only useful for broad research, for spells of 1st to 2nd level max (4,000 gp total value). Because so many members make use of it, research time is half again as long as it might normally take, while the mage waits for others to finish with the books he or she needs. Use of the library is free, but tome may not be removed from it.

Laboratories for magical research are available for rent on the upper floors of the tower. (50 gp per day, plus materials and damages). There usually is a wait of a day or more when when reserves a laboratory for use.

The guild offers some magical components for sale, these are offered at 80-130% of their normal price, depending upon rarity.

Finally, the Guild produces the _Crystal Ball_ broadsheet, a compilation of news in [the sphere] and elsewhere which adventurers, merchants, and governments might find useful. The Guild collects the information in many ways, sometimes purchasing information from travelling bards, sometimes using magical scrying, sometimes sending agents. The material is never guaranteed, and it's believed some Editors have accepted bribes to keep something out of the broadsheet, or to include a false rumour. Guild members may purchase a copy for 5 gp each, for non-guild members it costs 10 gp.


The Guild is headquartered in a tall, dark tower near the temple district. It's surrounded by a broad grassy lawn (quite the luxury, on Bral) and has a second building around it in a half circle, which hold storage rooms, servents quarters, and stables (those members with fantastical mounts like griffons or Comet Horses stable them here for a small fee). The bottom floor holds the tavern, and offices. Upper floors hold the laboratories, library, and meeting rooms of the Guild. A Furnace Golem, exquisitely polite, is the door warden, he only allows members and prospective members to enter.

For those with access to it, I highly reccomend using the Guild tower map provided in "Where Wizards Meet" in Dragon #139.

Notable Members


Trading Cards

  • "Noj the Double Edged" AD&D Trading Card #423, 1992.
  • "Danelesty" AD&D Trading Card #548, 1992.
  • "Gamalon Idogyr" AD&D Trading Card #36 of 495, 1993.
  • "Gamalon's Gem of Infravision and Detect Magic" AD&D Trading Card #76 of 495, 1993.
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  • "Aric Cozar" AD&D Trading Card #35 of 495, 1993.
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