Low City

The Rockrat: One of the seediest and most dangerous dives on Bral. Theives and thugs frequent it, and it's renowned for its ogre bouncer, Grinder.

Sign of the Black Bull: Known for mercenaries and assassins. It is a quiet place, few brawls here. The regulars are mostly retired veterans.

The Rampent Lion: Clean and cheap, but guests tend to disappear. Lots of new comers here, natives and sailors who dock often at Bral avoid it. Rumoured to sell guests to illithid slavers, but that's never been proven.

The Crooked Square: Favored alehouse of the Shipwrights. A typical tavern, though weaponless brawls are common entertainment.

The Golden Brotherhood: A club that many Bralians consider simply a den of pirates. Members only allowed, and a member must sponsor you for membership (and then you must pass a brutal initiation). Rough, vicious sailors frequent this place for drink, sleep, and female company. Members of the Golden Brotherhood have a serpent twined dagger tatooed on their left forearm.

The Laughing Beholder: Run by Large Luigi, a beholder who sometimes sells information.

Middle City

The Raised Cup & The Broken Tankard: These taverns are relatively quiet, but each is known (by those who pay attention) to be favored by members of the Pragmatic Order of Thought.

The Broken Tankard

The Edge: Known as the favored drinking hole of flamboyent space captains like Dirck of Wildspace, Pryessant, Elrohir Amroth, or even Lady Chaos herself (though she hasn't been seen on Bral in quite a while). Because of this, the Edge is the fasionable place on Bral for the wealthy to come slumming (dangerous, colorful characters in a clean building with good wine :) ). Con men, rogues, and professional duelists make their living here. It is perhaps the busiest tavern on Bral.

The White Galleon: Quiet, but has an Arcane who has rented the top floor for months and does his business here.

The Twisted Thumb: It is a dive that more properly belongs in the Low City.

The Twisted Thumb