Bral is a fairly busy port, something all sources on the asteroid city agree on. But what exactly does this meam in real terms? How many vessle arrive or depart Bral on any given day, what sort of vessels are they, and where are they going? These are the sorts of questions which a short campaign can easily avoid, but in a longer campaign, it can become an issue. This article attempts to answer the questions in a fashion which is useful for gamemasters and informative for players.

One of the first questions concerning the traffic in any port is where is it, and how does the location affect shipping. In this case of Bral, this is a tricky question, because the city is designed to be placed whereever the GM wishes. There will be obvious differences in traffic if Bral is in the Grinder of Greyspace, Selune's Tears of Realmspace, or in some home-grown campaign sphere.

Basically, Bral is the busiest port within the sphere, a central hub of internal sphere spelljammer traffic, and the primary docking point for Flow traffic as well. Because the sphere rests at the junction of several important Flow rivers, Bral sees a great deal of traffic from outside the sphere as well.

Each day 1d10 vessels will arrive at the Rock, and 1d10 vessels depart. The GM is encouraged to come up with the names and backgrounds of these vessels when needed, but the following charts can be used when a random determination is needed, and as a general guide to which vessels are most frequent.

Vessels by Types

Chart 1: Type of vessel
Roll 1d12

1-3   Free Merchant
2-6   Company Merchant Vessel
7-8   Adventuring Ship
9-10  Military vessel
11    Diplomatic Ship
12    Unique vessel/Other

Free Merchant

A ship owned by its crew or captain, who ply the void carrying cargoes (both speculative and hired) to various spelljammer ports. These range from tramp freighters to luxurious passenger vessels.

Chart II Type of Free Merchant
Roll 2d12

2-5   Tradesman
6-8   Wasp
9     Dragonfly
10-12 Galleon
13    Cog
14    Caravel
16    Coaster
18    Dolphin
19    Hammership
20    Junk
21    Shrikeship
22    Swanship
23    Vagabond [Aperusa ship]
24    Whaleship
Chart III Race of Free Merchent
Roll 1d12

1-2  Human
3    Gnome
4    Halfling
5    Elf
6    Dwarf
7    Goblinoid
8-11 Mixed
12   Other

Company Merchant Vessel

A ship owned by a merchant company, a noble house, or some other group outside of the ship's complement. Often these owners have other ships as well, extensive resources, and power. These vessels will usually fly the flag of their owner to identify their alleigience and warn off potential foes. The type of vessel is dependent upon the specific group, as most companies own only a few ship types. Groups like the Dohwar or Arcane are included here as well.

Chart IV Company Merchant Vessel
Roll 3d10

3-4   House Kullek [1d8: 1-3 Whaleship 4-6 Tradesman 7-8 Hammership]
5-6   House Lianin [Tradesmen]
7-8   House Murawa [1d6: 1-2 Junk 3-5 Tradesman 6 Dragonship]
9-10  House Daxault [1d10: 1-6 Tradesman 7-8 Shrikeship 9-10 Hammership]
11-12 House Zudrik [1d6: 1-4 Whaleship 5-6 Wasp]
13-14 House Moune [Tradesmen]
15-16 House Eirenfezt [1d6: 1-2 Galleon 3-6 Tradesmen]
17-18 Smith's Coster [1d10: 1-4 Tradesman 5-9 Hammership 10 Whaleship]
19-20 Sindiath Line [1d8: 1-4 Swanship, 5-6 Radiant Ship 7-8 Man-o-war]
21-22 House Cartan [1-3 Tradesman 4-7 Wasp 8 Octopus]
23-24 House Mosantas [1-3 Tradesman 4-6 Galleon]
25    Diamondhammer [1 Tradesman + 2 Wasps]
26    Deepdelve Clan [Hammership]
27    Powderpuff Emporium [1d6: 1-4 Swanship 5-6 Shrikeship]
28    Crispyleaf Coster [1d6: 1-4 Swanship 5-6 Shrikeship]
29    Dohwar [Uspo]
30    Arcane [Any]

Adventuring Ship

Adventuring vessels are extremely varied, they can be literally anything. Their crews are made up of a multitude of individuals and they often use odd or ancient ship tyes. They resemble free merchants but are oriented towards exploration, pirate hunting, or general mischief more then trade. Any vessel which doesn't quite fit the other catagories is essentially an adventuring craft.

These types are best handled as unique encounters, and the DM is encouraged to look at some of the Spelljammer websites when a group is quickly needed. If the DM hasn't the time, or none of the groups on those sites fit the bill fit the bill, then roll up a group using the DMG charts, and roll on the following table for their vessel.

Chart V Adventuring Ship
Roll 1d8

1  Mosquito
2  Dragonfly
3  Wasp
4  Eelship
5  Lamprey
6  Tradesman
7  Shrikeship
8  Swanship

Military Vessel

Several different military groups occasionally dock at Bral, and a few others dock there often. Royal Bralian and Imperial Elven Navy vessels dock at the military docks, others dock at the normal docks.

Chart VI Military Vessels
Roll 1d8

1-4 Royal Navy of Bral [1d6: 1-2 Hammership 4-6 Squidship]
5   Elven Imperial Fleet [Man-o-War]
6   Greatspace Fleet [1d6: 1-2 Hammership 3-4 Shrikeship 5-6 Battledolphin]
7   Company of the Chalice [Squidship]
8   Gnomish Imperial Fleet [1d6: 1 Deathglory 2-5 Sidewheeler 6 Bolaship]

Diplomatic Ship

These ships arrive from the various Spelljamming powers to conduct negotiations, whether with the Rock itself or with another power using the Rock as neutral ground. Bral has become the center of diplomacy in this portion of Wildpsce because of its central location and general neutraility.

Chart VII Diplomatic Ship
Roll 1d20

1  North Anadia [Swanship]
2  Imperial Elven Fleet [Man-o-War]
3  Elf [Swanship]
4  Beholder [Tyrantship]
5  Ironpiece [Sidewheeler]
6  Shou Lung [Dragonship]
7  Wa [Tsunami]
8  Colian Lizardman [Turtleship]
9  Colian Aarakocra [Eagleship]
10 Illithids [Nautiloid]
11 Talagran Empire [Galleon]
12 Tauran Empire [Hammership]
13 Thri-kreen [Leaf-ship]
14 Scro [Mantis]
15 Human Nation, Toril [Galleon]
16 Human Nation, Gensil [Galleon]
17 Human Nation, Oerth [Galleon]
18 Dwarf [Hammership]
19 Pirtel [Galleon]
20 Church of Ptah [Barge of Ptah]

Unique Vessel/Other

An undead invasion fleet, Vodoni Nightwolf, or any thing else the DM wants to inflict upon Bral. If the DM wants something simple, it can be a simple Neogi vessel arriving to negotiate with the Prince, or a Giff mercenary squadron.



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